Facebook Class on the Last Eleven Days of Jesus March 24th 2021 - April 4th 2021


Sunday 9:00AM & 10:30AM Worship Service | Sunday Eve. 6pm/ Wednesday - 6:30PM Bible Study & Prayer Service

March 24, 2021

9:00 AM

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A Great  Gift for those who love the Ministry of Jesus. Literally hundreds have purchased the book. It is one of the best Harmonies of the four Gospels and a Gospel Parallel of Jesus last eleven days you will find anywhere. Get the major  discount on the book now before the class begins and be ready for the new FB Class on Jesus  Last Eleven Days that begins on March 24th.  Private message me, Pastor David, on FB or email me davidlevandusky@yahoo.com and I will share the major discount for you to receive before our starting date for the class. Be sure to sign up for the FB class.