Tony Cruz

Youth Pastor

I am 33 and I have gone through alot in my life, from the good to the bad and anything in between and it all has led back to the place where it all started; God.

As a kid my grandmother brought me to church and I fell in love with God. By the age of 6 I was preaching for the rest of the kids in children’s church. God called me into ministry when I was 8 when I had a vision where I saw myself preaching in front of a lot of people. After that I began preaching for youth services and even for adults. I started reading the bible more and more and when I began to find discrepancies in what my leaders were teaching and what the bible said I brought it up to them and they would dismiss me with out much thought. This eventually led me to accept the lie that the bible was subjective to your point of view. After this I backslid and plunged into a world of sin away from God. I was leader of the local Latin King gang, did drug and alcohol, and even sunk so low as to become a voodoo priest; all while thinking that I was doing what God wanted me to do. I wasted about six years of my life in the garbage that was that world looking for a way to fill the hollowness I felt inside. Then my wife came back into my life and God used her to bring me out of the dark where I was at the moment. I gave my life back to Christ and left all the dark behind me. It was not easy but God was with me and if He is with me then who can stand against me? From having nothing  God has given me a home and a beautiful family to call my own, I have a good job as an account specialist at Greenfield Community College, and my relationship with him has been restored. Before I tried helping people because I used to think that if I can’t be happy myself I could at least help other to be happy but now I can truly help other because I’m happy. I now strive to share the gospel with everyone I can so that they too can find the peace and happiness that I have through Jesus Christ. He is my redeemer and I will never get tired of worshiping His holy name.

As a youth leader I want to be there for the young people of our church so that they can know that there is someone they can come with questions. That they will never be dismissed or their concerns ignored, but instead that we care for what they are going through. I want to empowere them with the power of God by teaching them how to have a true relationship with God.